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Supporting the Staff and Residences in Long-Term Care Homes that have been affected by the  Coronavirus


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Supporting our Police Department Division One with a Lasagna Dinner in Thanks.

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Treats and Beverages for our Long-Term Care Homes that have been affected by the Covide-19 virus.


How To Stop The Covid-19 Virus

car full of treats and beverages for our

Loading Into Our Cars And Delivering to the Long-Term Care Homes.


Assorted Snacks for our Long-Term Care homes.

There are so many people in our community working hard everyday to keep us safe and keep our loved ones safe. 

The North Newmarket Lions Club showed our heartfelt thanks this week by providing a Lasagna supper for the fine Police Officers of Division One on

April 29, 2020. 

On April 30th and May 14th, we were pleased to be able to bring fruit, snacks, and drinks to the staff at Long-term Care homes in Newmarket. 

We know these are but small tokens of our appreciation, but the

North Newmarket Lions want to let these truly heroic workers know we thank you for all what you do and all your sacrifice. 

Thank you.

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